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Thursday, May 23, 2002

Hmmm, today christoipher unplugged the answering machine so all my hard work(scoff) is wasted. i thought me and melissa and tara and katie and elizabeth might get to see Dan Keifer tonight at chilis but no..... elizabeth said she didnt want to see him and rub it in his face that shes engaged. heheh. well im going to the conard vs. i dont know maybe hall volleyball tournement tonight with melissa. wahoo!!! go hall!!!! i mean conard :-P shopping tomorrow with kristin!! and val!!! and katie!!! yess!!1 then romantic dinner and SA concert in north hampton!!11 yay!!! but i wont get to see ted... :-P o well, i wish i could, grr he never called me on tuesday!!!!! but anyway i have to go call missy because if i want to go shes my ride! lol

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Tuesday, May 21, 2002

I finally figured out the answering machine. I have to re-record the message on it because right now my brothers voice is on it and it sounds stupid.

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My sister is being to nice. She just got home from college. Grrrrr. then she asks me all these questions about stuff i dont want to answer. double grr. the whole chris/katie/brimmer/chrissy/jeol/tiff thing is getting old fast!! its stupidity basicaly.

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Monday, May 20, 2002

Hey, this is the first post. i got the idea from tyler and yes... i suppose sean. Im at work now, so its gonna have to be bored right now, yesterday!!! ooo!!! PF, navel destroyer baby!!!!!!!!!!! kristin was horizontal and i was vertical. i was so mad!! she got my tape!!!! and i didnt get hers!! i got jennifers tho, and part of someone elses. i ran at joel but he flipped me up on his back and dropped me head first on the grass. all the guys laughed. i was like owww. chris and ryan were laughing at me and kristin as we rolled around wresteling for the tape. capture the flag is in 2 weeks, providing that the whether is nice. be there!! 250 main street, wethersfied. its fun! im bored
thats kind of a tyler thing to say. you could say im tored i guess. oooo!! my sister cae home from college last night!! we talked untill like 1 am this morning. shes really cool. shes getting married in august and im the maid of honor. we have alot to do. lol, l was about to send the invites for the shower and i realized that i didnt put directions in it so umm i now hav to figure out how to unseal about 30 envelopes!! funness!!! if you have an ideas as to how im gonna do that email me!!
this is fun! im so jealos of sarah and brit! they get to go to another prom!!!! oh well, i guess ill live. ahh th dout story!!! ok my little sister anne is 4. it was friday morning and i just got back from my aunts becausei babysat for my cousins on thursday night. so im really tired so i lay down on my bed and am about to fall asleep and christpher, my little 9 year old brother comes in and says "mommy brought donuts home" so i say "ok go bring me one" because i was feeling really tired and lazy. apparently my dad didnt want me eating in my room so i told christopher to save it for me. i sleep for an hour. when i wakeup i call christopher in and ask him to go get my donut for me, because i was still feeling lazy. he than says: "Anne ate it" im like 'nooooooooo' so i tell him to get her in my room . she comes in all cute ad everything and im like 'anne, can i have a hug' so she hugs me and then i ask her..."anne, can you get me my donut?" you should have seen the expression on her face. she sat up and looked at my with wide eyes and said "i have o go to bed now". it was sooo helarious!!!!!!!!!!

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